Zombie Batteries

What are Zombie Batteries?

Zombie batteries are dead batteries, which have ended up in the wrong waste stream by been placed into general waste and recycling bins. When they end up in the waste collection facility, they are likely to be crushed during processing, and this is a recipe for disaster. Some batteries, like lithium-ion (Li-ion) and nickel-metal Hydride (NiMH), ignite or even explode when damaged.

If the batteries are ignited, they can spread other waste nearby like paper or plastic, leading to severe incidents, causing environmental pollution, and in some cases, can also put lives at risk.

Zombie Batteries

How to dispose of batteries correctly;

Household batteries can be recycled but not through your kerbside bin. Instead, they should be brought to a Civic Amenity Site or to your local supermarket. If a shop in your area sells batteries, then they are required to have a collection point.

The Sustainable option:

Opting for rechargeable batteries can help your pocket and the environment. Even though they have an initial higher cost, they are much more efficient and can be charged up to 500 times in many cases.

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