Hashtag Love Local – The Sustainability Strategy For Promoting Irish Business

Hashtag Love Local is about promoting the economic pillar of sustainability. Sustainability is broken into three pillars: environmental, economic, and social. The environmental pillar tends to be the one that gets the most attention, with the misconception that Sustainability = Environment. Each pillar holds equal importance, and instead of aiming to be fully sustainable, which is almost impossible, focus on balance. 

A pillar that I have often forgotten about is the economic pillar, and I placed the majority of my focus on learning about ethics and the environment. I never really investigated the importance of supporting local and reinvesting my money back into my community. When I saw the devastating effect Covid-19 had on some of my favourite local businesses, I decided I needed to take a step back and review my sustainable practices. I got a rude awaking! I realised I needed to do a lot more, I needed to learn more, and, if I was going to encourage sustainability, I was required to put my money where my mouth is and support the companies I love and want to see thrive. Hence, the Hashtag Love Local campaign was born. 

While doing my research in advance of the campaign, I learned that Local businesses bring innovation and help communities grow. They provide employment and encourage entrepreneurship. The money spent in each small business stays in Ireland and assists with the drive towards a circular economy. 

With the latest figures from the CSO indicating that SMEs account for 99.8% of active enterprises, I knew it was more important than ever to stand by the businesses I loved. 

hashtag love local

What is Hashtag love local?

At the beginning of July, I posted a picture on my Instagram page highlighting 7 ways to support local following Covid-19. The two points I made in the post that resonated with me the most were;

  • Shop locally
  • Put positive reviews on social media

I aim for The Sustainability Strategy and my social media to be authentic. I am the first to say I am not perfect when it comes to sustainability, but I do want to ensure that I practice what I preach. I want to Support Local and encourage others to do the same. The Hashtag Love Local campaign is simple; I am supporting 6 Irish companies that I adore by buying products from them and sharing my platform and letting them promote their business. My social media following is still relatively small, but I am confident that each of the brands will shine.

Every two weeks, I will run a feature blog on one of the brands, giving them the platform to discuss their business. Each blog will outline the organisation’s sustainable policies and will enable them to showcase their amazing products.

And the most exciting part of the campaign – because I love each of the companies involved in it, I already own their products. So not to buy for the sake of buying and letting the products sit in my drawer for several months until I get around to using, I have decided to run a COMPETITION worth almost €200 instead. 

Why run the campaign?

When I launched my website in July 2020, certain people and brands were so kind to me, giving me likes and sharing posts from my page. I will never be able to put into words how much the support and love I received has meant to me. I hope that this campaign comes across as genuine, as I simply want to support local and say a massive thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way.

Who are the brands involved in the Hashtag Love Local Campaign:

Love Jools; 

Lovejools.com was launched on June 16th, 2017, and has become the home of the ‘One Bead at a Time’ bracelet, the inspirational product that helps people achieve their goals. Not only is the bracelet beautiful, but it also acts as a visual reminder of how far you have come. 


GIOP Straws

GIOP (Grass Instead Of Plastic) was born three years ago when Mark, the business owner, was living in Vietnam. The business aims to help reduce Ireland’s contribution to the current plastic epidemic and help re-educate people on making the right sustainable choices through the supply of dried grass drinking straws.


Nami Naturale

Nami Naturale is a conscious Irish Skincare Brand located in the heart of Co. Cavan. This business produces high-quality organic skincare products that are high performing and aroma centric. Nami Naturale aims to create everyday moments of bliss through their minimalist collection. 


Kerry Kefir

Established in the heart of Castleisland, Co. Kerry, this brand has gone from strength to strength in its two short years in operation. Kerry Kefir can now be found on the shelves of some of your favourite supermarkets in Co. Kerry. This business aims to produce the very best and most natural form of milk kefir. By using live kefir grains, they provide a powerfully beneficial home-made kefir as it was traditionally made.


Ocean Bloom

Ocean Bloom is an organic seaweed skincare brand that hails from West Cork. This family business recognises the stress and pain linked to skincare conditions and has developed a range of seaweed-based natural skincare products. Each product contains seaweed extract and infusions made from seaweed gathered from the Atlantic waters.


Andrea Mears Jewellery 

Andrea Mears Jewellery is the home of the Karma Wheel collection and The Little Shield necklace. This brand created stunning Gold and silver jewellery inspired by a blend of ancient Egypt, old wisdom, and astrology. The goal from the outset was to create unique and symbolic jewellery that is simple and memorable. 


Thank You For Reading

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog on Hashtag Love Local. Here at The Sustainability Strategy, we aim to build a community that feels free to openly discuss their environmental views. If you enjoyed the content and would like to get involved in the Sustainable growth conversation, I would love to hear from you. You can find me on Facebook,  TwitterPinterest, and Instagram.

Keep it Green,


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